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literary and historical maps of the South, posters, poetry,
short fiction, local history,
genealogy, memoirs,
Episcopal Church

Literary Lantern Press



Love Ukraine Bumper Sticker

Love Ukraine Bumper Sticker

Show your support for the people of Ukraine by displaying this simple image.
Sermons Radical & Traditional, Book Cover

Sermons Radical & Traditional

This 242-page selection from the 30-year career of a veteran North Carolina Episcopal priest reflects his background as a former print journalist and college English teacher. His writing is a blend of the traditional with a flavoring of non-conformity—something like a Confederate statue wearing a Black Lives Matter tee shirt! In these sermons, Irish mysticism walks hand in hand with critical thinking, and the Social Gospel and the Gospel of Atonement engage in fisticuffs.
Dromgoole Twice-Murdered book cover

Dromgoole, Twice-Murdered

Dromgoole, Twice-Murdered: Unraveling a Southern Legend of Duels, Disappearance, Seminole Wars, Secret Societies, Mystery, Castles, & Flagler’s Millions

New Book Solves Old Mystery of Peter Dromgoole - E. T. Malone, Jr.’s new book revealing the true fate of Peter Pelham Dromgoole is the ideal gift for any University of North Carolina grad or fan.
Gone Looking for America, book cover

Gone Looking for America

Grab your copy of Charles Malone's new companion volume to his earlier Vietnam memoir. This new book describes his adventures and misadventures during the tumultuous summer of 1968, when he served on Capitol Hill as an intern on the staff of U. S. Senator Sam Ervin, Jr.
Adventures of the Taylor Boys, book cover

Adventures of the Taylor Boys

New for Middle School Readers: Ten exciting stories, full of adventure and mystery, recount the exploits of teenage brothers Ted and Johnny Taylor, who are amateur detectives and students at Broughton High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, during the 1990s.


Return of the Roy full example

Return of the Roy: A Parody of The Lord of the Rings

UNC Athletic Department would not license it in 2004 because it made fun of Duke. Isn't that the point?!!!
Image of New Literary Map of NC

Malone’s New Literary Map of North Carolina

Long-awaited Revision of Malone's New Literary Map of North Carolina Now Available. More than 30 new writers added. New artwork. Much additional updating. Enhanced color. Place your orders now!
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