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Gone Looking for America, book cover

Gone Looking for America

Grab your copy of Charles Malone's new companion volume to his earlier Vietnam memoir. This new book describes his adventures and misadventures during the tumultuous summer of 1968, when he served on Capitol Hill as an intern on the staff of U. S. Senator Sam Ervin, Jr.

Sermons Radical & Traditional, Book Cover

Sermons Radical & Traditional

This 242-page selection from the 30-year career of a veteran North Carolina Episcopal priest reflects his background as a former print journalist and college English teacher. His writing is a blend of the traditional with a flavoring of non-conformity—something like a Confederate statue wearing a Black Lives Matter tee shirt! In these sermons, Irish mysticism walks hand in hand with critical thinking, and the Social Gospel and the Gospel of Atonement engage in fisticuffs.

The Little Red Wagon, book cover

The Little Red Wagon

This lovely story is a limited-edition novella written by E. T. Malone, Jr.'s late mother, Mildred Winborne Malone, who passed away in 2001. It tells the story of a North Carolina mountain girl whose life is changed when she is befriended by a reclusive former concert pianist who has moved to her village. For years, Malone promised his mother he would publish it, and it has finally come to fruition. "Somewhere, I hope her roaming spirit will be pleased." - E. T. Malone, Jr.

Adventures of the Taylor Boys, book cover

Adventures of the Taylor Boys

New for Middle School Readers: Ten exciting stories, full of adventure and mystery, recount the exploits of teenage brothers Ted and Johnny Taylor, who are amateur detectives and students at Broughton High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, during the 1990s.

Dromgoole Twice-Murdered book cover

Dromgoole, Twice-Murdered

Dromgoole, Twice-Murdered: Unraveling a Southern Legend of Duels, Disappearance, Seminole Wars, Secret Societies, Mystery, Castles, & Flagler’s Millions

New Book Solves Old Mystery of Peter Dromgoole - E. T. Malone, Jr.’s new book revealing the true fate of Peter Pelham Dromgoole is the ideal gift for any University of North Carolina grad or fan.

Fire to Light: A Memoir of Family, Race, and War

This is the story of a young, white Southerner who is drafted, against his will, into the U. S. Army during the Vietnam conflict, which he opposes. His coming-of-age journey is influenced by his conflicted, yet progressive-minded family as he grows up in a small town in North Carolina during the reign of Jim Crow in the American South.

The Equestrian Statue of Jesus and Other Stories

Six short stories, with original drawings—some new to this volume—by the author. “The Equestrian Statue of Jesus,” from which the entire book takes its title, is set in fictional Shocco County, North Carolina, and involves a comic controversy between two competing groups over the fate of a Confederate memorial statue on the courthouse square.

Bishop Cheshire's Confirmations: Vol. I, 1912-1915 Book Cover

Bishop Cheshire's Confirmations: Vol. I, 1912-1915

Edited extracts from Journal VI (1912-1915) of the Rt. Rev. Joseph Blount Cheshire, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, containing details of his travels and visits to parishes, names of lay people who were his hosts, assisting clergy, and names of over 2,000 individuals he confirmed during those years.

The Episcopal Church in North Carolina
During the War Between the States

This publication is expanded from a lecture given by the author at historic St. James' Episcopal Church, Kittrell, North Carolina, on August 31, 2010. Drawn primarily from the 1861-1865 journals and newspaper of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, this study summarizes how the diocese became part of the Episcopal Church in the Confederate States of America, opinions about secession and its effect on church polity, church operations during the war, African-Americans in the church, Episcopal Confederate chaplains, Robert E. Lee's connection to Episcopal North Carolina, and the unique role that North Carolina's Bishop Thomas Atkinson played in the national reunion of the Episcopal Church in 1865.

The View from Wrightsville Beach, Front Cover

The View from Wrightsville Beach

Just in time for Summer, Literary Lantern Press is re-issuing an old favorite that evokes sea, sand, and young love. The author's poems and vintage photos depict the era before condominiums, when Wrightsville was a three-juke box island with one shaky bridge.

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