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Malone's New Literary Map of Georgia


ISBN: 0-9621668-3-0
Dimensions: 28" x 21¾"
Paper: Printed on 100 pound book weight, gloss coated white
Inks: Four color process, non-fade
Price: $25.00 (includes tax and shipping)

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This item, the third statewide literary map published by Literary Lantern Press, was issued in the fall of 2002. As with all of the maps in this series, “Literary Maps of the South,” it is the result of extensive research and is the most current literary map of the state of Georgia. This hand-colored map shows the boundaries of every county in the state. Writers are located either in the counties in which they were born, the places they spent most of their careers, or significant locales with which their writing is associated. Also included are writers from outside Georgia who have authored important books with settings in the state, as well as some writers who spent a portion of their careers in Georgia but were born elsewhere or later moved elsewhere. Nothing is computer-generated on this map. The map of the state itself, the line drawings that illustrate it, the borders, and all the lettering were rendered personally by the author. The drawings are all original pen and ink sketches created in 2002 especially for this map. Each tiny dogwood blossom in the border was drawn individually under a magnifying glass. The writers included range chronologically from the colonial period to the very early 21st century, and in terms of significance, as with all of Malone’s maps, from the most famous to the eccentric and obscure. The selection includes novelists, poets, historians, editors and publishers, writers about religion, biographers, essayists, letter writers and diarists, children’s authors, folklorists, playwrights, critics, journalists, naturalists, illustrators, and many others, from Erskine Caldwell’s Tobacco Road to Tom Wolfe’s novel of modern Atlanta, A Man in Full. Over 300 writers are listed on the map.


$25.00 (includes tax and shipping)

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