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Return of the Roy: A Parody of The Lord of the Rings


ISBN: 0-9621668-4-0
Dimensions: 19” x 25”
Paper: Printed on 100 pound book weight, gloss coated white
Inks: Four color process, non-fade
Price: $25.00 (includes tax and shipping)

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Love Carolina? Hate Duke? Then you’ll get a kick out of this original work of art, in which Ole Roy-dalf, Assisto, and friends, battle the evil armies of Mordurham, led by the Dork Lord. This new item, the first poster ever published by Literary Lantern Press, was issued in February 2004. It is a parody of the movie Return of the King, the third in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, employing a satire of the University of North Carolina and Duke University men’s basketball rivalry. Published with permission of the University of North Carolina, “Return of the Roy” is rendered by E. T. Malone, Jr., in a richly detailed style reminiscent of 19th century book illustrations. It would make an ideal gift for that family member, friend, or co-worker who is a Tar Heel partisan.


$25.00 (includes tax and shipping)

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